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Cultural communications: does the culture of business affect the» temperature «of society?

In Almaty on May 19, 2017, at the XIII International PR-Forum, Public Fund «Cultural Dialogue» in conjunction with PR shy club held a plenary session «Cultural communications: does the culture of business affect the» temperature «of society? Building of Reputation and Brand through Culture».

The session has been opened with the art performance from ARTiShOK theater, a kind of preamble to the discussion on cultural communications.

The level of culture in society largely depends on its «temperature», the degree of tension, so the presence of a clear vision of cultural policy is very important for the state. Abroad, culture has long become an entire industry: for example, in the European Union, about 8.3 million citizens are employed  in this industry. The head of culture of the British Council Galina Koretskaya believes that culture is an investment in human capital, and we need to come to this understanding and begin to form our own model for the development of the cultural economy in Kazakhstan.

Participants discussed the mechanisms and significance of supporting cultural projects by business. Director of the Department of Marketing and Communications of Sberbank Oleg Beketayev stressed that the support of Kazakhstan’s cultural projects helped the bank to solve one of the most important communication tasks: to cease to be a «Russian» bank for the audience, to become «local»; therefore, the speaker believes the support of cultural projects Direct investment in reputation.

According to the director of Tengri FM and the organizer of The Spirit of Tengri festival Madina Umorbekova, the development of culture does not happen without the involvement of business and financing, and without the support of the state. Creative people are not businessmen, they can not create and think about how to monetize their creations.

Regarding support from the state, Anastasia Tarasova, managing director, producer ARTiSHOK spoke. Unfortunately, the modern experimental theater direction is beyond the focus of state interests. At the same ARTiShOK is self-sufficient, not being dependent on sponsors or state funding. The theater was able to become not only a cultural phenomenon, in demand and interesting for a wide audience, but also a successful business model.

Aigul Sultanbekova, the founder of Kazakhstan’s first Business Theater, left the post of financial director to realize her idea of ​​making people more successful in their daily lives by providing them with practical knowledge from the theatrical environment and psychology. For people, this is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the possibilities of their voice, body and imagination, expand their way of thinking.

Summing up the section, the moderator of the section Managing Partner of Culture Dialogue Public Fond Shynar Zhanibekova stressed that more and more countries are moving away from the dependence of raw materials, developing the cultural industry in the country. Perhaps having mutually beneficial cooperation on cultural projects, building cultural communications in their institutions and with their clients, we will influence the development of the country’s cultural society.

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