Culture and Business collaboration Dimensions

Culture and Business: Collaboration Dimensions

Interaction between the culture and the business  is not only sponsorship of projects. The tools of mutually beneficial cooperation are also the involvement of creative people in internal corporative events and in the development of joint collaborative products.

On November 30, 2017, a meeting with representatives of the business community and the director and actress of the theater Xenia Kutelyova was held in the Bunker Theater

Xenia said that the theater was looking for a room and found the place — an air-raid shelter. At first together with the performances they conducted the tour excursions. In every part of the bunker there were installations with actors that revived and created a certain atmosphere. Therefore, the theater was called the «Art Shelter Bunker».

The theater performed a lot of thematic projects, concerts, rap battles, quests. Now they organize acoustic and poetic evenings, film screenings, stage performances. At the same time, they do not refuse to make social projects. The theater collaborates with city authorities and festivals. Besides they arrange different team building sessions for companies.

At the beginning of the meeting Xenia showed a short course of acting with the participants, hat everyone found useful for their daily work.

Cultural Dialogue Fund organizes on an ongoing meetings  where culture and business can directly talk about the common points and how the creative product can be integrated into business tasks.

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