Постановка бизнес целей в арт-менеджменте

Setting business goals for art managers

Cultural Dialogue launches a new project called ART UPGRADE. This is a discussion platform for art managers and creative entrepreneurs, aimed at reloading and updating of knowledge.

On March 11, 2017 will be the first meeting of setting strategic vision and business goals of the creative enterprises.

For representatives from  the sphere of culture and creativity, the most important elements of strategic planning are a vision and a clear definition of the meaning of «business success».

Having a clear vision of their activities, it will be easier for creative entrepreneurs and art managers to determine their future. Vision (or strategic vision) is, in fact, a «dream» about the future of the company, a picture described by words that would inspire people and at the same time would not be just a beautiful dream, but also a realizable idea.

The meeting will immerse a creative entrepreneur or art-manager into the formulation of his\her  tasks and vision with the support of a professional trainer-psychologist, coacher Marina Konstantinova.

The event will strive after setting up a clear vision and goal that is in turn the key to the success of entrepreneurs in the field of creativity.

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