Strategic management and the development of audiences

November 7th-8th 2016 will be held in Almaty seminar-training «Strategic management and the development of audiences in the cultural and creative projects.» The event is organized by public Fund «Center of creative initiatives Cultural Dialogue» with the official partnership of Goethe-Institut Almaty. The training seminar will be held in Almaty at the following address: Goethe-Institut, Nauryzbai Batyr, 31, business center «Premium» (HS. Gogol street). Duration: from 9.00 to 17.00.

The main topics of the seminar-training «Strategic management and the audience development s in the cultural and creative projects»:

  • Theory and definition: what is «audience development».
  • What steps in the development of audiences fit into the overall strategy for cultural organizations.
  • How to implement a holistic approach to the different actions of the areas of project management, marketing and audience development.
  • Successful hands-on cases.
  • Developing own strategies for the participants’ organizations

In addition, we will work in an interactive format, using the experience and examples of workshop participants, and should seek to apply proven technologies as applied to local conditions.

Information about the coach:

Strategic management and the development of audiencesCarolyn Savchuk is an independent coach and facilitator with 20 years of experience. Carolyn began her career as a project Manager in the German-Russian Forum and the Analytical Centre «National Council On Foreign Relations» before moving to independent practice. Carolina studied at the University of Passau in the field of cultural management and also holds a coaching diploma in communications of one of the world’s universities in the field of culture,Berlin’s Humboldt University.

The coach believes that conferences and educational activities should be conducted with the widest possible envolvement of all parties.

“When we share knowledge and responsibility, our overall results are more likely to reach a new level of quality and sustainability”.

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